March 2024

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Visual Arts for English Language Learners

Educators engage with Narsiso Martinez¡¯s thought-provoking artwork using Visual Thinking Strategies. They are led by Lindsay Kranz, Buffalo AKG¡¯s Manager of School and Teacher Programs.

   Back by popular demand, the RBERN West has partnered with local cultural institutions to provide professional learning opportunities for educators related to Visual Arts for ELLs. Developing students¡¯ visual literacy skills and embracing the use of art in the classroom can increase student engagement and develop student oracy. 
   On January 25th, educators experienced the use of Visual Thinking Strategies at the Buffalo AKG. On February 6th, educators experienced an engagement strategy firsthand that they can carry into the classroom. 

¡°Thank you for these gallery experiences. I love how there has been some strides made to look at the role of art and visual literacy in instruction at the PDs.¡±  -WNY Educator

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