Community Spotlight February 2024

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Navigating Justice Dreams: The Impactful Partnership of PR/HYLI and Buffalo State in Western New York

The Western New York delegation of the Puerto Rican Hispanic Youth Leadership (PR/HYLI) led by Claribel González and Ruth Casillas is making waves with its impactful collaboration with Dr. Jevon Hunter and Dr. Gliset Morales from Buffalo State University. This collaboration not only fosters academic growth but also cultivates a deeper understanding of social justice issues among Latinx youth, paving the way for meaningful contributions to the discourse on justice and equity. Students have been delving into a thought-provoking Essential Question: "What are the Justice Dreams of Latinx youth living, learning, & loving in WNY?". Dr. Hunter and Dr. Morales bring their academic expertise to the forefront, creating an enriching and multimodal educational environment that encourages students to explore and articulate their unique perspectives on justice, dreams, and life in Western New York. 

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