October 2023 Spotlight

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Wednesdays with Williams

 Tune in, listen, and be inspired by our students' stories!  

Celebrating Bilingual Center School #33 

In this edition of our newsletter, we take you on a journey through the vibrant and diverse world of Bilingual Center #33 in the Buffalo Public Schools led by Principal Lisa Lovallo-Coyle.

Discover the Heartfelt Stories of Our Students: 
What does your Hispanic Heritage mean to you?

In an inspiring showcase of cultural pride and identity, students at Bilingual Center #33 share their heartfelt perspectives on what Hispanic Heritage means to them. Their stories are a testament to the rich tapestry of traditions, values, and experiences that make up our diverse community. Alicia Baez-Barinas, Assistant Superintendent of Multilingual Education also shares her perspectives on Hispanic Heritage month, details on the 
groundbreaking ceremony held for the new Hispanic Heritage Cultural Institute and the bilingual education programs in the Buffalo Public Schools.

The Dual Language program at Bilingual Center #33 

RBERN West was thrilled to facilitate a faculty meeting to kick off the school year where the dedicated teachers and administrators of Bilingual Center #33 came together to explore the importance of bilingualism and the unique aspects of their program. The passionate educators shared their thoughts, insights, and experiences as they collaborated to create a stunning word cloud that captured the very heart of their Dual Language Program. 

About Us

The Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network West is part of a statewide system of support, funded by the NYSED Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBE-WL).

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